About Us

Rock star recovery: other than a term that has nice alliteration, rock star recovery sounds posh. There’s an opulence to the phrase; a sort of roll-of-the-tongue that at day’s end sounds prohibitively expensive.

At Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, you receive the elements and philosophies for a successful recovery from alcohol and drug abuse, but at a far less rate than what a rock star pays.

So sure, what you won’t get through Safe Harbor is:

  • Resort-style living
  • Spectacular views
  • Gourmet-style foods
  • Massage therapy
  • Horse rides in the snow/kayaking in the river or ocean
  • Pony and alpaca petting

But you also won’t get the $55,000 per 30-day recovery fee, either.

At Safe Harbor you will receive is professional intervention, detox and rehabilitation, all of which is custom-tailored to your addiction.

Our 30-day inpatient, or outpatient services come with counseling, dietary recommendations, exercise programs, and group therapy sessions.

We also maintain strong alumni from our nationwide facilities, so that you have an added resource to help you during your post rehabilitation life.

Okay, so you don’t get the gourmet food, the kayaking trip or the alpaca to pet. But you will get a chance to successfully recover from your addiction, which, really, is the whole reason you’re here in the first place.