Admissions at Safe Harbor

Apply for Drug Rehab Center Admissions

You’re facing one of the most challenging struggles of your life. And we at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers aim to help you as much as possible to overcome those struggles.

This is why our admissions procedure is one of the simplest, yet personalized of any treatment center available.

If you sense a need for action toward a family member, friend or even your own alcohol and drug use, you can speak with our experienced and knowledgeable treatment experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After a short assessment, you can begin your in or outpatient recovery program in less than 24 hours.


… Begins with a phone call to one our 24-7 addiction specialists. With your input as far as to how heavy a user and what type of drug you use, we can quickly assemble the beginnings—what we call the “bone work” of a rehab program that best suits you.


Once we establish a bone work rehab program for you, we will ask for your insurance and financial information. We at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers have found that in many cases our treatment services are covered by many insurance providers, probably yours included.

Safe Harbor also has a financial assistance program to help you cover your co-pay. Private pay options are available for those who prefer a confidential payment plan.

We accept most PPO insurance and chances are your recovery can require little to no out of pocket costs.


A pickup and/or a travel stipend is available should you or a loved one want to join one of our treatment programs.

For pickup, just give us your address, arrange a time you’d like to be picked up, and we’ll come get you.

At Safe Harbor, we’ve found that many who have been through our rehabilitation programs, come from somewhere else in the U.S. For example, those living in New York tend to come out West for rehab at our Phoenix, San Francisco or San Diego treatment centers, if at least for a change of atmosphere, which can help their recovery process.

If you or a loved one feels a need to “get away” for your rehab, we can arrange travel accommodations as well as travel stipends to the treatment center of your choice.

The whole idea here is to have a comfortable and stress-free transition, especially in the beginning stages of your recovery.


It is core at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers to believe that addiction is a very real and human ailment that needs not just acknowledgement and compassion from loved ones and friends to help overcome, but continual updates.

Upon admission, and of course upon your request, a Treatment Advisor will be assigned to your case. That Advisor will act as a liaison between you and your family and friends as you progress through your rehab.

Remember, at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, our first priority is to get you well again. A simple and expedient admissions process is the first step toward gaining an addiction-free life.