Drug Rehab Center in Detroit, MI

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab & Drug Detox Centers Detroit, MI

Believe it or not, Detroit is making a comeback. It’s just not in the automotive manufacturing industry which made Detroit the famous mecca it once was.

Detroit is becoming a multi-cultural hub of the upper Midwest.

Instead of cars and pickup trucks, the city now features writers, poets, painters and sculptors. There’s also good food to be had in Detroit. The barbeque in particular is a big draw to the city.

Of course, for the person seeking alcohol and drug rehabilitation, Detroit can be a very inspiring locale, as it too is rising from its low points to recreate itself.

It’s the same thing as rehab; you rise from your lowest point to recraft and reshape yourself, and come out a much different, albeit, healthier human being.

The thing to remember about Detroit is the city, as well as the entire state, goes through weather extremes of heat and humidity during the summer months, and bitter cold during the weather.

So depending upon the time of your stay at our Livernois Avenue facility, bring climate appropriate clothing. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable in a locale that is reinventing itself at the same time you reinvent yourself.