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Los Angeles is noted for its entertainment industry. And what L.A. is also known for, particularly in the entertainment industry, is its penchant for drug addiction.

This may seem dark, and even depressing when mentioning the City of Angels. However, while addiction is part of life for some in Los Angeles, healthy living far outweighs substance abuse.

Why is that?

First of all, consider the weather. It’s an outdoor paradise many days of the year. This makes L.A. perfect for exercise and other under-the-sun activities.

Another benefit to L.A. is the proliferation of good food that is also healthy food.

With the enormous amount of culture that makes up L.A.’s 4+million residents, you can find food that will not only help your nutrition level rise from where it was before you became sober, the food will invariably be tasty as well.

Don’t believe all you hear regarding Los Angeles’ downsides, especially when it comes to substance abuse. This isn’t a city full of drunks and drug addicted actors and musicians.

To the contrary, alcohol and drug users are a distinct minority of the L.A. population, where in fact those with healthy eating, drinking and exercise habits make up the majority of people in Los Angeles.

Take the food, drink and exercise into consideration along with the vast entertainment possibilities throughout L.A., such as film, stage, sports, museums, as well as many other entertainment sources, and L.A. doesn’t seem like such a bad place to rehab.