Drug Rehab in Newport, OR

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in Newport, OR

Water is an undeniable presence in Newport, OR. That’s probably because Newport is a seaside city, located in the center of the Oregon coastline.

If water is your thing, check out the beaches in the Newport area, such as Agate Beach, Beverly Beach, Cobble Beach and Nye Beach. All four are great for swimming and surfing, as well as fossil hunting.

Newport’s Bay Front has quaint little shops and coffee houses if you feel like just roaming around, shopping and kicking it.

If you want history about Newport, head over to the Burrows House Museum. The museum houses a Victorian parlor, a period-correct lawyer’s office, and old photos and artifacts collected by the Lincoln County Historical Society.

For something less historical, but just as interesting, check out Oregon Coast Aquarium to see a variety of indigenous fish.

Then, there are the lighthouses. For their majesty alone, one should see the Yaquina Head and Yaquina Bay Lighthouses.

With a laid back atmosphere like Newport’s, one’s rehabilitation process can be managed much better. It’s a great destination to recover in because of its prolific beauty, beaches landscapes comprising art, culture and exercise; all of which can assist you in your substance-free life.