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San Diego is one of those perfect American cities; it’s not too large, nor too small. It is bordered on its eastern edges by attractive rolling hills, while the Pacific Ocean remains the city’s western border.

San Diego is also well-protected as it houses a naval base as well as a Marine camp (Camp Pendleton) to the north. A great way to get the naval experience is to visit the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum, in which you will see the entire exterior and interior of a modern-day carrier.

Dining and entertainment are easily found in San Diego, much of it world renown. Check out the Gaslamp district near Petco Park for some fine grub if you get the chance.

If nature and animals are of interest to you, you by far in the right place. Both the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park are renown zoo and animal research centers.

There is also a vibrant arts and crafts society within the city, in which you can also find some very cool antiques.

With a population of approximately 1.5 million people, the atmosphere of San Diego is considerably slower than Los Angeles, which for some can be an added benefit to their recovery efforts.

And did we mention the weather? San Diego’s weather is among some of the best on the planet. The San Diego climate allows for near perfect days and nights year round. Given that, there’s little wonder why San Diego is the favorite training spot for triathletes around the world.

You too can train in San Diego – and by that we mean train your sobriety in our San Diego treatment center to enjoy a full life of fun and entertainment without the substance abuse.