Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services

At Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, we like to tell prospective clientele, that first, they’re not clientele; they’re friends. And as a friend to our friends, we’re here to listen, not judge, but help you get your health and life back.

This takes place in familiar home-like settings. No, we are not in mansions overlooking the ocean, nor are we in the cold concrete and plaster surrounds of a fluorescently lit hospital.

Many of our facilities are single resident homes, while some facilities in our urban cities have more of a small business office building feel.

Our expert staff has found a full recovery from substance abuse is much more likely in smaller, more contained atmospheres that don’t have the intimidating feel of an expensive mansion housing rich clientele, or a hospital where a pall of debilitation lingers in the air.


One of the benefits of Safe Harbor’s nationwide presence is you’re able to choose from various locations for your rehabilitation.

Do you enjoy the slow, melodiousness of country life through song? Then maybe our Nashville, TN location suits your fancies. Or if it’s the steep hills and spectacular views of The Golden Gate Bridge that please you, consider our San Francisco, CA location.

Rehabilitation is an important endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be a stern, sterile and unbeautiful experience, or one that’ll break your bank just to get you well again.

Investigate each of our treatment center locations to find the optimal environment for your recovery.


While in recovery, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. This is why each of our treatment centers have tastefully appointed interiors that reflect the region in which the center is located.

From there we offer programs that entail healthy, drug-free living, and in some cases, area-specific cuisine prepared by local chefs.

We also have exercise programs that get you up and moving, and will hopefully put you on the path to getting in shape. An added benefit is if there’s a certain type of regional activity within the location of the treatment center you select, such as hiking or running, more than likely your case manager will suggest you get involved.

Of course, there’s also the traditional counseling and group meetings that every rehabilitation program engages in, as well as house responsibilities assigned to both in and outpatient individuals.

In addition to our counseling groups, eating and exercise programs, we also offer at every Safe Harbor Treatment Center:

  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Drum circles
  • Equine therapy
  • Convenient transportation services

At Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, we believe in a full recovery that goes far beyond overcoming substance. It’s not just about the addiction, recovery is about the mind and body as well.