Aftercare – Safe Harbor Drug Treatment Centers

At Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, saying goodbye to our clients is never a permanent salutation. Farewells, goodbyes, calls of good luck; they’re all temporary to us.

On the contrary, we want to see you come back now and then, just not in the same shape as when we first met.Drug Treatment Centers

Sobriety, as you know, is a lifelong commitment. It takes time and work to stay addiction free.

And yes, sometimes that commitment is difficult, especially as you face triggers that can trip up your sobriety.

This is why our sobriety experts, as well as successfully sober clients, engage in such a strong and far-reaching aftercare alumni. We want to stay in touch, find out how you’re fairing in your addiction-free life, and if you might need a refresher through a bit of counseling.

Even as we call the individuals who seek our help “clients,” or “patients,” to the staff and alumni of Safe Harbor, these clients and/or patients are above all, family. And family never abandons nor forgets.

In rehab, the friendships you make can be for life. And the counseling you received while in rehab, is always available to shore up your sobriety.

Even as you walk out the doors of Safe Harbor, we will always provide aftercare that cares.

You’re never alone. Safe Harbor Drug Treatment Centers is there backing both you and your sobriety up no matter what, where, when, how or why.

In our busy fast-paced world, addiction has a way of sneaking up on us. And that addiction cares little about who we are, be it a father, mother, child, husband or wife. Don’t let addiction stand between your loved ones and yourself.