Drug Detox Treatment Centers in California

The term detox can take on unwelcomed connotations. At Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, we think of detox as a word that sums up our deep care and desire to help you or a loved one achieve sobriety.

Understandably, detox does have some negatives to it, namely withdrawal symptoms. However, those symptoms can be medically treated, making the discomfort of withdrawal less severe.

As importantly, at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, your detox process is continually monitored by our healthcare staff to ensure you are getting the most comprehensive and safest detox available.

By offering our clients 24-hour support, your detox and subsequent recovery will get around-the-clock monitoring. Your recovery will also take place in a safe environment as opposed to detoxing and recovering on your own, which is not only dangerous, it can be fatal.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center’s detox and recovery process effortlessly guides you through the rehabilitation process according to your needs.

Our staff analyzes your addiction, plans out a methodology and timeline that personally addresses your ailment, and then works closely with you while you advance onward from your dependency.

Firstly, the detoxification process is focused on. Having now identified your ailment, the chemical causes of your ailment, as well as the length of your addiction, you are stabilized in a safe environment of registered addiction specialists.

During this process, you will learn the need for physiological healing after long-term addiction. Afterwards, you will come to realize and understand your withdrawal symptoms.

If medications are needed during your detoxification, those will be closely monitored to treat discomfort and prevent complications without the danger of further addiction.

Once your physical addiction is broken, you’re ready to begin your custom-tailored rehabilitation program and treatment.

Remember, detox alone is not a complete treatment for addiction to any drug. Detoxification is the first important step to a successful recovery, but rehabilitation has to also occur to keep you on your newly found sober pathway.

That rehabilitation comprises what we call our Outpatient Day Program, which seeks to blend you back into society, but as a clean and sober person.

Our services include:

  • Full health and Medical Assessment
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Individualized Detox Planning
  • Dual Diagnosis Assessment and Stabilization
  • 24 Hour Nursing
  • Group Therapy, Counseling, and Education
  • One-on-one Therapy
  • A Multidisciplinary Approach to Care
  • Discharge Planning

In our busy fast-paced world, addiction has a way of sneaking up on us. And that addiction cares little about who we are, be it a father, mother, child, husband or wife. Don’t let addiction stand between your loved ones and yourself.

If you feel drugs and drug dependency are overwhelming your life, contact Safe Harbor Treatment Centers. The addiction experts at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers will custom tailor a program suitable for your successful recovery from the chemicals that are dragging you down.