Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Sometimes you just need to get away.

Whether getting away means leaving your challenging lifestyle for a week or two on vacation, or just packing up the sled (car, bike, SUV), and going for a one-day, or maybe a two-day drive out of town to a different locale, the idea of getting away is to recharge, regenerate, and most importantly, recover.

At Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, we understand all three of these R words and their importance toward another type of “getting away,” which is you getting away from the challenges of an alcohol and/or drug-addicted lifestyle.

In fact, recharge, regenerate and recover are so engrained in us at Safe Harbor, we have incorporated those three words into our residential treatment program with great success.

Recharge: Once your detox period ends, we help you recharge through a good diet of wholesome organic foods, supplemental nutrients and exercise to start your body and mind off on a clean, healthy slate.

Regenerate: Our addiction experts will assist you as you adapt to a sober lifestyle. You will be introduced to healthy activities that will be your responsibility to complete. These include personal hygiene and maintenance, exercise and other assignments to help take care of The Center. You will also be given healthy food options, where you not only eat the meals, you also help prepare them.

Recover: When you are able to perform most life-oriented duties on your own, as well as have meaningful relationships with others at Safe Harbor, you will be thought of as recovered. This means you’ve reached the end of your inpatient stay, and are ready to go out and face the world as a new, sober individual.

The RRR program at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers is designed to introduce you at your own pace to therapy and education, as well as accountability and responsibility.

Support, of course, will always be available, in addition to the utmost in 24-hour care in our nationwide residential homes – not hospitals, or hospital-like settings.

Sometimes the only way to alleviate an ailment is to separate yourself from it.

Like decompressing from a hard work week by finding haven in a countryside bed and breakfast, Safe Harbor Treatment Centers offers inpatient haven and decompression from your addiction within a secure, educational and caring environment.

In our busy fast-paced world, addiction has a way of sneaking up on us. And that addiction cares little about who we are, be it a father, mother, child, husband or wife. Don’t let addiction stand between your loved ones and yourself.