Alcohol Rehab Center in Wilmington, NC

Alcohol & Drug Detox Center in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington in North Carolina is known as a city with a large number of cultural living opportunities. With a population of 112,067, the port city is the perfect blend between big city and intimate town living.

There’s just enough here to keep you and your recovery efforts interested for the duration of your rehab.

Downtown Wilmington offers plenty in the way of culture and dining, while the city’s access to water makes it the perfect spot for those who are interested in water sports and/or such activities.

Wilmington has, for the most part, a mild climate, which gives it the opportunity to host year-round golf events as well as fishing and boating.

Unlike Boston, Atlanta or other larger cities that feature our rehab centers, Wilmington is a tight-knit community, anchored deep with southern roots that reflect in the city’s southern hospitality.

It’s slow moving and stress free, which are two qualities that lend themselves well to substance abuse recovery.